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Make your first jump with the professionals at, the one and only, Skydive Oregon, in Molalla! Established in 1988 on our private airport, Skydive Oregon is focused on your safety and comfort. Our fleet of large, well-maintained modern aircraft means more fun, more friends and more freefall. Invite your friends and family to watch and cheer you on from our large spectator area!

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For groups larger than 10, please call 503.829.3483

Know before you go

What is Tandem Skydiving?

A Tandem Skydive is an excellent introduction into the sport of skydiving and is ideal for first-time jumpers, annual enthusiasts, or anyone looking to have a memorable experience.

When you make a Tandem jump with Skydive Oregon, you and your fully licensed Tandem Instructor will share a parachute system designed for two people. Harnessed to your instructor, you will exit the aircraft at an altitude of 14,500 feet (that’s higher than the top of Mt. Hood) and freefall at 120 mph for nearly one minute before opening the parachute. 

Following your freefall, you will enjoy a 5-7 minute parachute ride, taking in the spectacular sights of the Willamette Valley and surrounding Cascade Mountains, while descending gently to the landing area.

Take the Leap - Virtually

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Experience a 14,500' freefall from the comfort of your couch to see what it's like before you book your own jump!

Tandem Skydiving

Pricing Information

14,500’ Tandem Jump
Perfect for first-time jumpers.
or $229 if paid by card
14,500’ Group Tandem Jump
For groups of 6 or more.
or $209 if paid by card
18,000’ Tandem Jump
High altitude jump when conditions allow.
or $309 if paid by card
Every tandem jump includes:
  • Pre-Jump Instructional Class
  • All Necessary Equipment Rentals
  • A 10 - 15 Minute Scenic Flight
  • Approximately 1 Minute of Freefall from 14,500′
  • A Spectacular 5 - 7 Minute Parachute Flight to Landing
  • First Jump Certificate

Tandem Jump Additional Options

Upgrade your experience!

Add on media packages to capture your jump with photo and video options. Expand for more details!

Capture your Skydive with digital photos and HD video clips. Media packages include between 100-200 photos, and approximately 6-10 minutes worth of unedited video footage taken before, during and after your skydive. You will receive your media via a downloadable link sent in an email and a text message within 24 hours of your jump. You can edit, add music, personalize and share across all social media platforms! We recommend reserving in advance for best availability. 

Hand Cam Media Package

Your video qualified instructor will wear a specially designed glove with 2 cameras; one that takes still photos, and one that takes video clips of you pre-jump, on the plane, during freefall and even while you are flying under the parachute. 

Cash for 14,500’ Tandem Jumps
or $105 if paid by card
Cash for 18,000’ Tandem Jumps
or $130 if paid by card
Additional Cameraflyer

Hire a professional cameraflyer to jump with you and your instructor who will take photos and video clips pre-jump, on the plane ,and during freefall. Subject to availability- please call for additional details. 

Cash for 14,500’ Tandem Jumps
or $135 if paid by card
Cash for 18,000’ Tandem Jumps
or $160 if paid by card

Experience Your

First Skydive!

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Pre-Jump Checklist

What to know before you book.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid, government issued, photo ID.

  • Jumpers must weigh less than 230 lbs for men or 200 lbs for ladies.

  • You should be in good shape with height/weight proportionate according to the NIH’s BMI Index.

  • You must be healthy, no temperature, cough or other known Covid-19 related symptoms or illnesses.

  • Allow approximately 3-4 hours for weekday jumps and 4-5 hours on weekends.

  • There are no pets allowed per airport rules. Please be sure to let spectator friends and family know to leave their dogs at home where they will be more comfortable than in a car.

  • If you are 70+ and would like to skydive, please give us a call prior to making a reservation.