Become a licensed skydiver so you can jump with friends.

Solo Freefall Training Program – Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Progression


Once you have completed your first Tandem Freefall Skydive, you can begin the Solo Freefall (AFF) A License Training Program. AFF (Accelerated Freefall Training Program) is the solo portion of the A license program. It is designed to teach you to skydive solo. It begins when you receive your pre-course training manual and study materials and is followed with a half-day of ground training before you start skydiving. AFF skydives level one and two may happen the same day as the ground school or shorty after. You will skydive wearing a student parachute system and jump with two instructors from 13,000 feet. All AFF skydives are planned for a 13,000′ altitude to allow students maximum freefall time to learn the necessary skills.

Your instructors will be at your side throughout freefall, coaching you during the skydive, until you deploy your parachute. After opening, you will fly the parachute to landing with back-up assistance via radio from the ground.

You will jump with two instructors for the first three levels of the AFF program. At level four, one instructor will accompany you on each jump until you complete AFF level seven. When you have successfully passed all of your AFF training jumps, you will be cleared to jump as a solo student and move into the coaching phase of the training program to complete your A license.

Program Details:

Solo classes are scheduled throughout the Spring, Summer and early Fall. Please call or e-mail or check the Skydive Oregon Facebook page for available dates as advance registration is required. Private classes can be arranged for an additional fee.

Enrollment in the AFF program should be within six months or less of making a tandem skydive at a recognized training school. It is best to make a tandem as close to starting the AFF program as possible for the most effective learning experience.

Each Level includes one skydive with targeted learning objectives that must be satisfactorily demonstrated before moving onto the next level. Each pair of skydives is designed to be completed the same day, or as close as possible, within a maximum of 30 days. It is not necessary to pay for and commit to the entire program in advance, you will only pay for the levels you are working on each day. Specific currency and performance standards apply to all levels. Contact Skydive Oregon for more detailed information. All required equipment included. Repeat & Extra jumps priced separately.



Qualify for your first Skydiving License.

Once you have completed AFF 7 and your first C8 Solo jump, you are ready to jump with a skydiving coach to help you earn your A-License from the United States Parachute Association (USPA). The A license will enable you to jump with other licensed skydivers and begin learning more advanced skills.

The coaching jumps are designed to be completed in blocks of two on the same day. You can do more than one block of jumps per day, as you progress through the program. Throughout the program, you may be encouraged to make an extra “Solo Freefall Jump” or C 8 to practice a particular skill and become more proficient in the air. These jumps help you reach the minimum of 25 skydives necessary to apply for the A-License.

During the A-License Coaching Program you will learn the skills necessary to jump with other people, how to fly more advanced parachutes and you will learn how to pack your own main parachute. The jumps are divided into six skill sets that need to be mastered prior to the A-License check dive. All necessary equipment and ground training is included.

Solo qualified students are able to self jumpmaster on C8 solo skydives while participating in the Coaching portion of the program. Students must meet the USPA currency requirements (30 day rule):

C8 jumps within 30 day currency are $50 cash or $55 cc/atm including gear rental and repack.

Over 30 days: Review and coach jump with an AFF Instructor = $25 review fee + coach jump.

Over 90 days: Full review and AFF recurrency jump with an AFF Instructor before continuing in the coaching program = $25 review fee + AFF Skydive

Over 360 days: Attend FJC and complete AFF4 with instructor = $75 course fee + AFF Skydive. Continue program at AFF4 or higher with Chief Instructor approval per ISP sec 5.2 1 (B).

(subject to change without notice. Current United States Parachute Association (USPA) membership required)