Currently closed.

DZ reopens at noon on Friday. Forecasts currently include rain and clouds, but it's the NW, things may change. If it does, we'll be jumping. If you do have a reservation for this weekend, please check back for updates on your jump day. October schedule - Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, weather permitting. Occasional random mid-week days may be added "last-minute", please check back for updates. Weather: We do not jump in the rain or through the clouds. We do jump many partly cloudy days as long as the clouds are high above Mt. Hood or broken enough around (lots of 1 to 2 mile or bigger blue holes). We look forward to skydiving with you soon! 503-829-3483 Update 10/21

The Skydive Oregon Jump Gauge was created to provide you with access to current conditions. It is not real time. For real time weather and updates please contact us at 800.934.JUMP or 503.829.3483. Thank you for understanding and happy diving.