Welcome to the largest private airport dedicated to skydiving in the Pacific Northwest!

Experienced Divers

When you arrive for your first visit as a licensed skydiver, we will ask you to fill out a waiver. You will need to show your USPA card, photo ID and provide a logbook for verification of jump numbers and currency. Once you have completed the waiver and gear check process, you will receive a drop zone briefing including an overview of the landing areas and facilities.

Jump operations do vary throughout the year. Springtime weather in the northwest is challenging and can affect the days and hours of operation. Regardless of the forecast, we highly recommend calling to confirm that the dz is open for jumping.

Pre-Jump Checklist:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid, government issued photo ID
  • Current USPA membership with an ‘A’ license or higher
  • Logbook to verify currency and jump numbers (please note, a Pro-Track does not verify your currency)
  • Be prepared to show your gear, including the in-date, reserve packing card for each rig you plan to jump
  • AAD’s are required
  • Cameras – we conform to the USPA Advanced Progression Guidelines for cameraflyers, including a minimum of 200 jumps and a C License. Also, camera attach points and set ups are subject to S&TA approval.
  • Wingsuits – All wing suit flyers must conform to manufacturer minimum experience required for the suit that they are flying with logged training from a qualified wingsuit instructor. Individual skill assessment or ability will not be considered for exceptions. Seated exits only, until otherwise approved by DZ Management. (Until 25 wing suit jumps, minimum.) Proximity flying with any open parachutes is forbidden. Wing suit appropriate canopies only.

SDO Clubhouse:

  • Experienced jumper facilities for indoor packing – heated and air-conditioned.
  • Video debrief area to hang out with friends and watch the days jumps in air conditioned / heated comfort
  • Showers, covered packing deck, shaded creeper pad and private camping area adjacent to the clubhouse and DZ loft
  • Wireless internet access


Alcohol is prohibited during jump operations. As a courtesy to all of our skydivers, we require that children be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Smoking is allowed in the posted areas only.