Skydive Oregon is all about skydiving at the largest private airport dedicated to skydiving in the Pacific Northwest!



Experienced professionals here for your fun and safety.

Skydive Oregon has been providing professional first jump instruction in Molalla Oregon since 1988. Over 130,000 students have been professionally trained and jumped from our large turbine aircraft at Skydive Oregon. We have a perfect student safety record since opening in 1988! Our Skydiving Instructors are USPA rated and licensed and average eight years in the sport and over 2500 skydives each.

We welcome you to visit and watch our instructors in action. Don’t be fooled by websites that do not give a physical address or real location or don’t show you their facilities or aircraft or list the altitude you get for your money. You want to know where and with whom you and your friends will be jumping, you want to know that the aircraft are modern and well maintained and capable of reaching 13,000 feet or higher. We care about your safety and encourage you to ask questions, or better yet, come out and watch – we are confident that you will be impressed with what you see. We don’t use fake or generic pictures on our website, what you see is us – the airplanes, the equipment, the facilities are all Skydive Oregon.

Many of our instructors and regular jumpers hold multiple national and world records, including the current world record 400-way formation in Thailand and the current US Record 300-way formation. There is something for everyone at Skydive Oregon whether you are a first time jumper, a continuing student, an experienced bellyflyer, wingsuiter or freeflyer or a spectator!



Our large, modern aircraft are perfect for groups. Fastest in Oregon to 13,000′ for maximum freefall fun!

Jump with your friends! Our large planes let you share the experience. Watch your friends as they exit with their instructor. Be amazed as experienced skydivers jump out with acrobatic skills and happy grins.

Enjoy panoramic views of Portland, the Willamette Valley and the beautiful Cascade Mountains, as the powerful turbine engines quickly carry you and your friends to your jump altitude of 13,000 feet or even 18,000 feet. With our large, modern aircraft, we can easily and efficiently accommodate your group. Tandem parties of four to six can jump together from the same plane, depending upon the number of video requests, size of students and conditions of the day. Larger groups can be accommodated on consecutive flights for continuous skydiving fun for everyone.

Skydive Oregon operates turbine aircraft provided by Westwind Air, Llc. The Westwind Air fleet is the finest group of airplanes in the skydiving industry. The Westwind Air Cessna 850 HP Caravan sets the standard for safety, comfort and performance. From glass panel avionics to the specially designed skydiving door, Westwind Air aircraft offer the best. You and your friends will enjoy the ride in, and the jump from our planes. And your friends on the ground will enjoy the show from our private picnic and viewing area.

Spectator Area


We have a place for everyone!

Non-jumping family and friends have a special place at Skydive Oregon, too. We have a dedicated picnic and spectator viewing area perfectly located for watching students and experienced jumpers skydive and land their parachutes. It is located directly across from the aircraft loading area and parachute landing area, so bring your camera!

There is a large covered porch area and shade pergolas, as well as picnic tables and benches for use in the sun or shade. You are welcome to bring extra folding or cushioned chairs for viewing comfort. We also suggest board games, books or quiet toys to keep young children entertained. Children must be with a parent or guardian at all times. Please note – No dogs are allowed on the airport and alcohol is prohibited during all jump operations.